Oil Painting


Zen meditations started oil painting in my life. In meditations I’ve seen symbols, which I recorded. Still, I was missing a courage to begin with oil painting. I had respect to oil painting, because I thought that free creation needs a unique approach and strong message expressed both clear and simple. I hesitated for a long time to begin this. Eventually from inner need I decided to begin with painting and during one weekend I’ve painted seven paintings. And thus my phase of painting began.

With oil painting I faced a new problem. Every painting is an original and when I sell it, I must say farewell to it. It was a new topic for me to process to say farewell to something I’ve given a part of myself into. As a graduated graphic artist I was used to, that when I create something, I sell authorised graphic prints and I don’t say farewell to my work of art.

Oil painting also gave me a new space for a message, that I tried to express in paintings. During years I tried to find my unique style for message, that my paintings brings, which tries to let people see my inner world.

Painting became for me an expressive form of inspiration from a spirit world and life’s situations.