Bach’s flower therapy in symbols

Actual offer of seminar 2015 – Symbols of Bach’s flower therapy in Prague – more on seminars.

collection of 79 cards.

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author of pictures and publication: ak. mal. Jirina Lockerova

It is a collection of pictures-cards in form of graphic symbols of Archetypes of human behavior according Bach’s flower therapy with energetical effect refilling or replacing the effect of essences. In some directions these symbols have broader range of use. Symbols-signs drawed as an analogy of energy of essences of flowers in connection with color affect human subconscience. Every sign exists in two colorful appearances of sources and their effects mutually fill themselves up. Symbols might support the discovery of a positive solution of psychical disharmonies on the level of man’s energy or on the level of disease as a corporeal manifestation of this disharmony. Pictures (original oil paintings) are created of white graphic signs on glazed colorful backgrounds.

The sign has an effect as a seal, radiator of directly focused energy.

The color maintains the quality that was given by space inteligence as one of basic elements creating the universe; it refills and supports by its own energy the effect of the sign, it has capability to harmonise human psyche and the organism as a whole.

Lightness is another element in the picture of symbol; it represents the motion of energy – its dynamic, direction or calmness.

Through cooperation of these elements the artetherapeutic effect based mostly on a visual perception is achieved. But the energy emitted by symbols is perceptible even non-sensorically. The effect of the picture is fully activated only by man’s attention and his interest for this possibility of help offered.

This collection consists of:

1 card “opening” (it’s used to tune the recipient and to introduct him into meditative state)

38 pairs of signs according the Bach’s essences

triad of cards with signs of “essence of first aid”

Published by SYNERGIE in 2001.