Elementary symbols

I named so the set of twelve shapes, that had been put together shortly after the finishing of the set of cards to Bach’s essentions. In time of search of a procedures how to most effectively understand the substance of my problems to start the change in my accustomed reactions I found a possibility how to be able to effectively influence with energy of shape, that was taken from the core of the symbol of essence. This easy closed shape comes from the “circle” (it is modification of its own). In seminar praxis I came to by myself convinced how strong influence it is possible to feel especially when these symbols is brought to motion – therefore they do exercise. I have in mind such an exercise where we stand in place and the shape of symbol laid in front of us we paint by the movement of our hands – and we do so slowly with prolonged breath.

For the exercise is important certain preparedness – to be clear about the need of change and what it will concern, therefore to choose one or more shapes focused on clear topic of situation we are in. This collection of symbols I added to my method of retunement AWENGEN to use in the third step: retunement of ancient archetypal structures – models of mental conviction. Adding these shapes to 12 sighns of zodiac only helped to differentiate their influence.

Exercise of elementary symbols is very efficient method as for ensensitivement of your perception of energies of softcorporeal world and also how to quickly end effectively get to change record in that level of aura and in subconscience, which in connection with physical level can restore original mental harmonic shape. Therefore I would like to recommend you that you for the first time choose rather just one symbol to exercise and another just for better understanding of your condition, that condition you need to work on yourself. You may choose even three symbols later and exercise these one by one. I recommend to exercise each symbol three times. You may come to know how differently you perceive each exercise.

Similarly as you choose from different types of cards, it is on your intuition to estimate or to test whether you should repeat the exercise of chosen symbols for a few days or that it is sufficient to do just one unblocking exercise.

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Exercise of symbols

Elementary symbols – shapes to exercise

If you’ve chosen one or eventually three of twelve symbols to exercise of unblocking focus, put the symbol before you on the table or on the ground and be aware of the point of origin on the middle axis of the symbol. In a relaxed stance of lightly bent knees with straight spine, with your attention on your HARA (- it is a center of energy at the 2nd chakra, approximately 3cm under the navel) and on the middle of your palms, connect your hands with fingertips to get into initial position for the shape exercise. You paint the shape of the symbol in space before your body with both your hands at the same time in such manner, that each of them circumscribes half of the shape symetrically divided by the axis and again connects in a point, that closes this shape. After the slight holding of breath your hands with an intake of breath from this point are getting into motion to circumscribe the shape of the symbol once more in the opposite direction, which is actually the path back into initial position of the exercise. Exercise, that is handled in sufficiently relaxed condition, in meditational focus, with prolonged inhalation and exhalation and very slow motion, with focus on breathing and hara center in body, very strongly activates the perception of softcorporeal bodies of aura and not only your own. If anybody exercises beside you or in front of you, you are capable to sense very sensitively his movement directly in your aura through sensitive chakras. You are thus capable to very clearly and sensitively observe the course of impact in connecting of energetical centres, their condition, or eventually to help their harmonisation or if it is a matter of harmonisation with partner, to mutual more harmonical harmonisation of chakra system between you for your cohabitation.

This harmonisation and restoration of connection between chakra centres, between singular levels – layers of bodies around the physical body is in this way easely achieved in connection with subconscious component of psyche – therefore in connection with archetypal qualities and capabilities of a human being – his original setting from which during ages and series of incarnations he diverged and moved so far away that he very hardly searches for everything that should be his true quality, his part, what belongs to him and what he had forgotten (doesn’t matter by whose contribution).

You will find an initial point for exercise marked on the overview of symbols. At 2nd symbol only, which is a circle with a middle, I would like to specify its possibilities of exercise. As a most viable initial point I sense its middle – it means that your palms are connected in the level of heart and you begin the motion with the palms connected and it is up to you which variant you choose – if you fell the need to strengthen your grounding or on the contrary if you need to ascend into spiritual connection.

This method of symbol exercise that opened to me more than five years ago, is getting to you just now, after a phase of different experiences with them and the reactions of people I’ve exercised with. Just after I’ve managed to realise their meaning and important contribution in period of transformational changes and after I am sufficiently convinced myself about their strength and manner of usage, I pass them on to you and recommend you – to all sensitive beings on the path…