Mandalas for healing body and soul

Author: Jirina Lockerova

Mandalas of this focus have an effect on health issues that manifested by some pain or disfunction of any organ of physical body, but they continue having an effect. Their effect is reflected in other levels – mental / to the state of psyche, emotional and spiritual.

These mandalas are accompanied by mandala „Christ’s Love“, which have been painted as first and stood by birth of all others. It will support in you an intuition to choose one mandala or combination of more mandalas for yourself or persons close to you.

1. Mandala for nervous system – brain

2. Mandala for nervous systém – spine

3. Mandala for heart

4. Mandala for blood circulation

5. Mandala for digestive tract – stomach

6. Mandala for digestive tract – intestinal system – gall bladder

7. Mandala for liver

8. Mandala for colon, rectum

9. Mandala for kidneys, urinary tract

10. Mandala for neck

11. Mandala for thyroid gland and other glands

12. Mandala for lungs

13. Mandala for joints and motion system

14. Mandala of Christ’s Love

29. Mandala for pancreas

30. Mandala for skin

Usage: You have started radiating energy from the picture yourself by choosing it or it have been given to you or it was tested as best for your current situation. It is therefore good to move as much and as close as possible to it or daily focus your attention to it for a short while – short meditation for 5 minutes at least. You open through it access and inflow of healing energy from spiritual spheres, which is capable to communicate with conscience of body and soul to such level, that it will be having an effect exactly where and in such level, which is needed for state of your organs and damaged flows of energy between them. You can also strengthen this effect by drinking a glass of water, which have been opened to its effect, once a day.

How to do it: If you have the picture in a frame, you put it on a glass for approximately 15 minutes, longer time is not necessary, it suffice to focus a wish to it for it to give you such an amount of healing strength you need.

Atlantean Mandalas

Jirina Lockerova

Foreword to Mandalas

I would like to invite you to a meditative journey to your own world during painting or pervading of shapely intermingling of these mandalas. They were sent through me from a times of amazing flourishment of mankind’s abilities and joy of life, from times of balanced wisdom connected with gratefulness for all the beauty and abundance around you.

I have never doubted about existence of ancient culture and land of Atlantis. My interest in everything related to this culture had grown because of my own experiences, which I’ve noticed during my travels to sacred places of megalithic structures in England, Ireland and Bretagne. I’ve been searching for more information about its character and level in literature, in records of others medially capable persons and in form of my own meditations as well. Connection to informational field of atlantean culture and knowledge could have been strengthened by visiting of certain places or by visualisation with use of keys. It led me to be certain about possibility of gathering, with proper focus, of knowledge from this ancient past.

After first mandala I’ve seen in meditation and painted on a topic: “Strength and courage to fulfillment of fate.”, I asked for another inspiration to what use should mandalas be as a message from those times focused. Then I wrote a list, about it I sensed that it is partial expression of needs of my own development line. The speed with the mandalas has been created, I sensed as a great urgency and support from the spiritual spheres of beings of light.

To support and protect this information stream, angelic and archangelic beings came, and also higher spiritual beings from spheres, with whose I had a contact during my previous work on meditation cards. These cards – colored symbols called: “Meditation cards path of Grail”, should gradually accompany a human being and prepare him to a contact with spiritual sphere of God the father. It is allowed to us after a long time to restore a direct contact with him. And therefore I think that these mandalas could become a similar preparation.